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Do you want to reach your target group with a gigantic LED display at a trade fair? That’s a great idea! You are of course aware that many people come together at a trade fair. But what if you could reach these people via an LED wall before they even set foot on the trade fair grounds? This way, the customer already takes the thought of your brand or product with them to the trade fair. advantages of LED walls at trade fairs

LED exhibition walls advantages of LED walls at trade fairs

3 advantages of LED walls at trade fairs

With an LED wall you are 1:0 ahead at every trade fair!

In the following, we will explain the 3 advantages that an LED wall offers when you use it at a trade fair.

Advantage 1: the LED wall is the first thing the customer sees before entering the trade fair.

Of course, there are always brands that already present themselves at the entrance of a trade fair. But how often have you seen an 8 m² LED wall at the entrance? How often have you seen a mobile LED display making its rounds in the immediate vicinity of the trade fair? With this you immediately secure the attention of your target group. What’s more, by using this out-of-home communication tool at the trade fair, you win the prize for originality. Advantages of LED walls at trade fairs

Advantage 2: the LED wall is the last thing the customer sees when he leaves the fairgrounds

The trade fair is coming to an end and the visitors are gradually leaving the exhibition hall. The LED wall in front of the exhibition grounds allows you to reach people once again. This is how you use the power of repetition! Because, as we all know, the best comes at the end: Your message accompanies the trade fair visitors on the train or car on their way home.

Advantage 3: the LED wall catches the eye without being obtrusive

Trade fair visitors often find it unpleasant to be constantly approached. Do you feel the same way? That’s simply no way to get ahead. No sooner have you finished with one product than the next one is being advertised. The LED wall offers an ideal alternative here too. It catches the eye and – thanks to its intensity (LED lighting) and its imposing size (8 m²) or height (5 m) – immediately catches the eye of trade fair visitors, but (so far) they can neither speak nor ask questions. In this way, you give the customer a break – and prevent him from feeling disturbed by your speech.

Led’s do this! Turn your trade fair participation into a success story: Request your individual offer for your LED wall here. Advantages of LED walls at trade fairs

led video wall rental for events

What are LED screens?

LED screens are large display surfaces for the presentation of moving images. They are also known as video walls or LED walls and are mainly used at large events. Their image diagonal is usually several meters so that they are easily visible even from a distance. They are therefore mostly used in large stadiums, at concerts, professional product presentations or trade fairs. Due to the development of technology, LED screens are now also common at “smaller” events – not only in Las Vegas but also in Nevada. They enrich company celebrations and city and village festivals just as much as presentations and congresses. Since the purchase is connected with high costs, it is worthwhile to rent LED screens simply and at fair prices at the Lv Led Vide Wall event service rental instead of buying them permanently. Advantages of LED walls at trade fairs

The possibilities of modern LED screens

Modern large-screen LED screens offer numerous advantages. In contrast to older models, they are very bright and can be seen perfectly even in bright sunlight. In addition, current devices offer high contrast and a large pixel density, which guarantees sharp images. Still, large screens have a huge appeal to people. They generate attention and thus help you communicate your message effectively. Not only during sporting events such as world championships, large LED screens are also an important factor in attracting and delighting customers, guests and partners. In addition, current devices consume only a fraction of the energy of their predecessors. So they also help to protect the environment. Lastly, professional devices guarantee a smooth process because they are easy to operate and just as easy to connect to each other with standardized connections. The simple transfer of content is thus always guaranteed. Advantages of LED walls at trade fairs

The well-proven Lv Led Video Wall service offers more than just rental

Let us convince you of our first-class service as an experienced event agency from the Las Vegas area! We do not just rent LED screens. In the run-up, our crew advises you comprehensively about the application possibilities and weighs up together with you the advantages and disadvantages of the individual devices with the application in your location. This way we guarantee to find the best equipment for your event. With our proven all-around service, Lv Led Video Wall naturally also takes care of delivery and installation as well as dismantling after the event. Contact us now! Our personal contact persons will be happy to assist you. Advantages of LED walls at trade fairs

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