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Digitization is progressing steadily. New technologies are introduced every year. There are more and more areas in which digital tools are used or where processes are automated with the help of such media. Everything you want to know about the digital exhibition stands

This progressive digitization is also an issue in trade fair construction. Every year there are innovations in the trade fair world that make us quickly lose track of our options. At the latest after the corona pandemic, these innovations also include the digital LED exhibition walls, which have become indispensable.

In this article, I would like to explain in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of the digital exhibition stands compared to traditional exhibition walls, as well as their function and the costs involved.

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The best solution?

Do you want to present a logo or show pictures at your stand? Then, like many others, you probably fall back on the well-known fabric graphics. But why? These wear out , get dirty and need to be cleanedIn addition, you must have a new fabric graphic printed for each change to the printed motif. This means that there are ongoing costs if you want to decorate your stand with other pictures.

You can change that.

Digital exhibition stands with video panels

Video panels are modular LED wall element systems that play your content digitally. Thanks to a frame system, which is tailored to the use of LED panels, you have an almost infinite number of possible combinationsWhether on a single exhibition wall, the cabin attachment, or the entire exhibition stand, everything is possible. You can also add two separate buttons to your stand, allowing you to display different content in a cross-module, borderless animation.

Our LED panels are rented individually and have a size of 49.6 x 49.6 cm. You can choose between straight and curved for the shape (concave & convex = curvature inwards & outwards). Corners can also be built. The transport takes place safely in a flight case, together with all necessary cables and elements.

With LED modules on your stand, you can attract more attention from your customers. Moving images often stick more in the memory of trade fair visitors than simple textile graphics that every exhibitor has at their trade fair appearance. You can also flexibly change content on the digital exhibition stands. You can play entire videos and play different images each day if you wish.

Don’t want a complicated setup?

The perfectly coordinated system of LED modules and controllers is set up, connectedtested, and handed over to you for operation by our trained fitters. We will create a PowerPoint template for you that is tailored to your individual video exhibition wall. We would also be happy to create the complete presentation for you. We then check them and guarantee that your message will be played reliably and in the best quality.

When using this technology, however, you should note one thing: In order to achieve the necessary support, the outside of the LED wall must always be connected to a frame part. The advantage of the frame system: You can just as easily cover the walls with conventional fabric graphics or other materials without having to change the system. You should also make sure that there is a distance of approx. 50cm to the edge of the stand behind the video surface so that the panels can be mounted with a ladder without any problems.

Video content on the digital exhibition stands

You can customize the content you see. Whether individual images or an entire PowerPoint presentation, everything is possible. Our experience so far shows that most customers play product and image videos. This is also possible with sound, provided the material shown contains a soundtrack and an external speaker is available.

Attention: In order to be able to play ordinary videos in the standard 16:9 format, the video panels should have the same aspect ratio as the content to be played. 

digital exhibition stands

Digital exhibition stands vs. normal exhibition stands

Here you can see a digital exhibition stands in action. Compared to a normal exhibition stand, this video wall draws more attention with conspicuously moving motifs. The brightness of the entire wall can be adjusted individually, which means that you can use the luminosity to attract even more attention than with a simple backlit wall.

With an ordinary fabric graphic, you are tied to a motif and if there is a change, you have to have a new graphic printed, which incurs additional costs. In addition, such graphics can become dirty and creased, which is why they must be cleaned afterward.

With good handling and regular care and maintenance, the video wall can be used at trade fairs for several years, as there is almost no wear and tear.

In comparison, the LED video wall wins because of its modernity, flexibility and sustainability.

The 5 biggest advantages of digital exhibition stands

1. Advantage of the digital exhibition stand: animations

The fact that animations are eye-catchers is nothing new because the use of large monitors has now become standard. But imagine that the entire booth is a screen. Instead of just playing information, as on a monitor, the entire exhibition stand could really come to life. The interplay of static and moving images is particularly exciting. However, constantly changing trade fair walls can be overwhelming for the viewer, so the viewer’s attention must be drawn to the right content.

2nd advantage of the digital exhibition stands: lower investment costs

The advantage of the digital exhibition stands, for example, graphics on fabric, is of course obvious. The digital content can be continuously updated and adapted for each event. You only rent the LED panels from your stand builder and have no investment costs for printing the fabrics and do not have to have them stored at high cost, which is a clear financial advantage! You can make changes to the content flexibly; even until shortly before the start of the fair and even during the fair! This leads us seamlessly to the third chance.

3. Advantage of the digital exhibition stands: Up-to-dateness and flexibility

Think of the possibilities that result from the flexible adaptation of the LED panel content during the trade fair. Engage visitors interactively:

  • Collect visitor feedback and let it appear like a live ticker on your exhibition walls.
  • Design the content on your LED panels individually if you are exhibiting at events that offer both opening days for interested parties and trade visitors only. You could design your stand individually for the different target groups.
  • Joint stands could also benefit from this: At the times when exhibitor A receives customers for discussions in the common meeting area, he also has his “digital prime time” and his content design, his colors and his CI are most dominant at this time. The customer will not only find his business partner’s stand more quickly but will also perceive Exhibitor A’s presence at the trade fair as being of higher quality.

4. Advantage of the digital exhibition stands: live analysis

You may have heard of event attendance tracking tools. Compared to just counting visitors (as was often done with a hand clicker in the past), these tools can do much, much more! They record which visitors stayed at the stand for how long and whether they came back. With individual measuring sensors on the stand, it is even possible to record in which stand area or at which exhibit you have stayed the longest. After the trade fair, this data helps to make the next trade fair stand even more interesting for visitors.

5th advantage of the digital exhibition stands: Standardization

LED walls for rent consist of a modular principle in order to be able to plan and set them up well. The LED panels and the rest of the stand construction fit together perfectly as all connections were designed for use at events. For the modular principle we use, we have partners all over the world who also work with it. So if you have an event on the other side of the globe, that’s not a problem: there are no expensive transport routes for the stand construction material and with the materials on site, a stand can be set up with the usual quality and the same appearance. If your stand is still a digital trade fair stand, you only need to send the content online and the new production or sending of the fabric graphics can also be omitted.

led video wall rental for all events

What are the disadvantages of the digital exhibition stands?

However, the use of this technology should be carefully considered. Depending on how many panels you use and where they are placed, you need additional frames behind the actual system for stabilization. Depending on the arrangement, you lose half a meter of usable floor space. In addition, the technology is currently still quite expensive due to the novelty and number of providers. The alternatives such as a projector screen or television cannot really be compared with the LED solution. You either can’t really integrate these into the stand or they don’t attract the desired attention due to their size, brightness and resolution.

Furthermore, the resolution of the LED panels is currently not as high as we are used to from TV screens. You should therefore ensure a minimum distance of approx. 2m to the nearest viewer, otherwise the wall can quickly appear “overwhelming”.

Here you can find out more about our rentable LED exhibition wall.


With a digital trade fair wall, you make your trade fair appearance an eye-catcher and stay in the memory of your customers. However, what you should always keep in mind:

  • Note the aspect ratio for optimal viewing of your content.
  • Make sure there is enough distance to the viewer and the end of the stand area.
  • Think about how often you would really use this technique and for what.
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