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I have been following all new developments in the field of exhibition walls, folding displays and exhibition construction systems for years now. Since I first came into contact with the world of trade fairs and exhibition stands in 1989, many things have changed. Are LED exhibition walls the trend of 2022?

However, most trade fair construction systems and walls are still made of aluminum, just like back then. And most folding displays are still straight or curved and are also still provided with printed panels or textile covering.

While the technology and materials used are a bit more sophisticated and sophisticated today, the appearance is still largely the same.

However, a lot has changed in the printing of exhibition walls and folding displays since the beginning of the millennium. Technological development has progressed particularly quickly here. Direct-to-fabric printing in particular has had a major impact on the trade fair and stand construction industry.



While in the past short-run fabric printing was quite difficult, time-consuming and expensive, the introduction of new printing machines and techniques has made textile printing surprisingly affordable, including for exhibition stands or booth walls.

And because textile printing has become more accessible and interesting as a result, exhibition stand and folding display manufacturers have increasingly begun to develop systems that use printed textiles as a starting point.

In many applications, this technique offers advantages over printing on sheet materials such as PVC-Forex-Dibond, wood, etc., as textiles are much lighter, very easy to transport and less vulnerable. And the price, as I said, is also very attractive. At GARREIS, too, we have been investing a lot of effort in the development of exhibition walls, exhibition construction systems and folding displays based on printed textiles for years.

However, when I talk about the trend of 2022, I do not mean stalls with printed textiles. Like I said, they’ve been around for years. No, when I talk about the current trend, I mean the development of the so-called backlighting of exhibition walls and folding displays in combination with printed textiles and LED lighting.

Backlighting in combination with fabric print

While in the past exhibition walls, exhibition stands and folding displays were mainly front-lit, this is what is happening with these LED exhibition wall sand light walls from behind or from the side. In this way, illuminated exhibition walls and stands have a very special and eye-catching appearance, which differs greatly from traditional top-lit walls and stands.
In particular, exhibition walls and folding displays that are fully or partially illuminated from the inside stand out and are a striking eye-catcher. Our international trading division, which focuses on the development and production of lightweight folding displays, counters and other exhibition walls, has sales of LED light walls already at over 30%!

The reason for this trend lies primarily in the availability of good and now also very inexpensive LED lighting. This creates new and interesting opportunities to create striking, attractive and unmistakable exhibition stands and light wall systems.

The new LED light wall 8.1 (made of aluminium) and 12.1 (made of plastic), which LV LED VİDEO WALL developed last year, have proven to be a hit and are particularly popular with our customers. But the LED pop-up light walls illuminated from the inside are also extremely successful for exhibitors who want a light exhibition wall system that they can bring, set up, dismantle and store themselves.

One can certainly discuss what exactly is the strongest trend in trade fair construction. But when I see the enormous increase in demand for LED exhibition walls and light-up walls, and when I consider the large number of exhibition stands and exhibition construction projects that integrate this technology, then I am certainly not exaggerating when I say that this is the trend of the year 2022 is.

dijital exhibition stand 3

The future of exhibition walls and exhibition stands

And how does the future look? What can we expect?

You can already go one step further than simply backlighting the graphics on your LED exhibition wall or on your exhibition stand. At the Euroshop in Düsseldorf from February 16th to 20th, we will show our customers and interested parties how you can attract even more attention with dynamic lighting effects on your LED exhibition wall or exhibition stand.

You can even go a step further by using a computer and special software to control the LEDs behind your graphics. In this way, you can create great effects and create a light wall or a trade fair stand with which you are guaranteed to achieve a WOW effect with trade fair visitors.

Does the interactive LED exhibition stand?

Interactive LED walls and LED exhibition stands, where your visitors determine the content themselves, also offer many new possibilities. Although they are not always easy to integrate into your wall or stand, especially when it comes to “build it yourself” exhibition stands.

In short, I think that the trend toward LED applications within the exhibition industry will continue for some time and will continue to develop in the coming years.

LED exhibition walls

Do you want to know more about LED technology in the field of exhibition walls and exhibition construction?

Would you like to know how you can successfully present your product or company at your trade fairs or consumer fairs with LED walls, light walls and LED exhibition stands?

Then please contact one of the LV LED VİDE WALLS consultants. Simply leave your details below for a no-obligation phone call and consultation.

Good luck at your trade fairs!

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