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If you look at the future of the trade fair world, it can be seen that the trend toward digital trade fair stands is increasing. “Digital exhibition stand” has long been a foreign word for the trade fair industry. With the following blog post, we would like to bring you closer to the digital trade fair stand and explain why it is worth exhibiting with a digital trade fair stand at a trade fair.

What is a digital exhibition stand?

The digital exhibition stand differs from the conventional exhibition stand in that digital LED video elements are used instead of graphics. With conventional exhibition stands, individual textile graphics have to be printed in order to convey your message, product or service. With the digital exhibition stand you have several LED panels that can be put together in a wide variety of formats. You can therefore customize the format of your advertising space – even rounded surfaces can be equipped with LED panels. Videos, presentations or animations of your choice can be displayed on these LED panels. You also have the option of playing multiple videos at different times or on different walls.

digital exhibition stand

Advantages of a digital exhibition stand

When considering whether a digital exhibition stand is a right decision for your trade fair appearance, there are various aspects that need to be considered. The digital exhibition stand has the following advantages:

1. No investment costs

With a digital exhibition stand, there are no investment costs for graphics. Only the costs for the rented LED panels and the service, such as setting up and dismantling the exhibition stand, are incurred. So if you want to avoid investment costs, a digital exhibition wall is the right solution for you.

2. Flexible adjustment of the content

Imagine you are going to a trade show and you want to promote your new product that came out this year. You have new graphics made for this, so there are investment costs for you. You would like to go to the same trade fair again next year, but the graphics are no longer up-to-date because other new products from you have appeared on the market in the meantime. So new graphics have to be produced again. This can be avoided with the digital video walls since no graphics have to be produced and you can change your content quickly and easily. You can even feed content onto the LED wall on-site at the trade fair.

3. No storage costs

If the graphics are to be stored at a conventional trade fair stand after the event, parking space costs would be incurred for the graphics. These costs do not apply to a digital exhibition stand, as there is nothing to store. So there are only the storage costs for the advertising material and furniture if you have any.

4. Reducing logistics costs

Another positive effect that can be achieved is the reduction in logistics costs. Because no individually produced material has to be transported, the required material – LED video walls – can be rented locally. The logistics costs are therefore eliminated and around 25% of the total costs can be saved.

If you would like to appear regularly at trade fairs with individual content, the digital trade fair wall is also the right decision for you. Because if the content does not have to be produced in the form of graphics, but can be played on an LED wall, this content can be designed individually for each trade fair. If you exhibit at several trade fairs a year but do not want to address the same target group at all trade fairs, you can use digital trade fair walls to show different content at each trade fair in order to reach the respective target groups.

Further information about the digital trade fair stand is available in our white paper for free download: LED trade fair video walls

digital exhibition stand

Visitor measurement at the digital exhibition stand

In addition to the design of the exhibition stand, it is of interest to know how many visitors visited your stand on which day and at what time and, above all, how long they stayed at your stand. Because only then can you draw conclusions about how successful your trade fair appearance was.

If, in the worst case, you find that your stand had significantly fewer visitors or that they hardly stayed at your stand than planned, you must consider how you can make your stand more attractive. So if you are not sure which content or which motif is best received by the visitors, the digital exhibition walls can help you.

In order to make it clearer to you, we would like to play a short game of thought with you:

Imagine: you have noticed that your stand is visited by only a few interested parties. Now you ask yourself why it is and how you can attract more visitors to you. However, if you only take part in two trade fairs a year, it would be a shame if you had to wait until next year with your new concept or design. Because if it turns out again a year later that too few visitors have visited your stand, it would probably be even more frustrating for you.

With a digital trade fair stand, your content can be adapted on-site at the trade fair, so that you can already see after one day at the trade fair which content is attracting more attention from visitors. For example, you can play the first content from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and the second content from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. At the end of the day at the trade fair, you can then see which content attracted more visitors to your stand. Please note, however, that the number of visitors fluctuates over the course of the day!

So if you find that the second piece of content has attracted more attention, you can, for example, completely do without the first piece of content on the second day of the trade fair. So you can say that with the help of the digital exhibition wall and visitor measurability, you can determine immediately after a day at the exhibition which content attracted more visitors to your exhibition stand.

Conclusion on the digital exhibition stand

A digital exhibition stand opens up many new opportunities for exhibitors. Content can be presented to trade fair visitors more individually and flexibly than ever in order to attract attention. In addition, the investment costs for a digital exhibition stand are reduced to a minimum. Now it’s your turn: What will your trade fair stand look like tomorrow?

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