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Seamless Orion plasma modules provide the ability to view the entire video sequence and individual images from different sources. Even from a long distance, the viewer is guaranteed a comfortable, lively, high-quality image. Orion video walls today are indispensable for demonstrating visual data for various purposes. They are in demand for organizing the work of exhibition centers, dispatch services, railway stations, and airports. To avoid expensive equipment, you can rent it on favorable terms. Features Of Professional Video walls.

Original devices from the South Korean manufacturer have been successfully exported to all countries of the world for many years. Today, the corporation occupies a leading position in the seamless panel production segment. LCD screens guarantee flawless image quality and ease of use. The modular structure of the system allows you to create a demonstration screen of various sizes and equip an event of any scale. Anyone can start a content demo, no special skills are required to work with the equipment.

Features Of Professional Video walls

Benefits of renting video walls from Orion:

  • the versatility of use for video conferences, concerts, celebrations, presentations, and exhibition displays;
  • optimal prices and personal discounts for regular customers;
  • guaranteed achievement of marketing objectives in a short time;
  • the possibility of using panels in small rooms;
  • high level of perception of the displayed information for the audience.

Orion monitors can be used for a business conference, meeting or seminar. The format of the event does not matter, since the image broadcast on the screen is available to a wide range of participants, including those in the back rows. Lv Led Video Wall organizes technical support for video shows of varying complexity. Rent of the demonstration equipment of various configurations on favorable terms is provided.

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