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You may find it shocking that we are talking about company events, taking into account that the effects of COVID-19 have left this type of promotional action on stand-by. Anyway, we believe that this is a good opportunity to organize and have everything ready for when these activities can be resumed. Therefore, we want to help you with the preparations and tell you how to take advantage of LED walls for events. How to take advantage of led wall in events.

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Why organize an event?

A professional event, whatever its nature, offers you a lot of benefits. And we already anticipate that these go far beyond the promotion and enhancement of your business. In fact, it is a direct way of making your activity known to a wider audience. Let’s see some of the advantages of organizing an event.

  • Generate additional income. Since the main objective of a company is to guarantee its economic viability and profitability, launching a corporate event may seem, a priori, an unnecessary expense. Anyway, the truth is that it can be an unbeatable investment. And even a source of income, since it can help to close deals with sponsors and get money from the sale of advertising space – a good idea to take advantage of your professional LED screen, as we will see below -, from merchandising or from the visitors they acquire. your products and services. Led wall in events
  • Leave a positive impact on your customers. Even if an article is useful for your ideal clients (buyer persona), you don’t have to settle for it. An event will provide them with a new positive experience that they will associate with your brand in the long term, thus reinforcing the favorable opinion they already have of your company. This can be extended to all people or entities that have an interest in your business (stakeholders).
  • Get to know your target audience better. One of the keys to success in business is to be clear about the demands and needs of your customers. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to get their attention. In this sense, corporate events are a great way to gather personal information that you might otherwise not only be able to get through a simple customer satisfaction survey.
  • Promote business culture. What makes your company a good place to work is not determined by what is sold, but by the company culture. Corporate events can help you achieve a good work environment, by involving your team in a motivating and innovative appointment.
  • Strengthen the cohesion of your employees and collaborators. These events are usually an excellent instrument to correct any lack of cohesion within a team. Working towards a common goal and seeing the results will bring your team together.
  • Position the company as an expert in its sector. Sometimes it is not enough to do things well: you also have to show that the organization has that know-how that differentiates it from its competitors. Organizing conferences, colloquia, seminars and workshops is an ideal option for the company to position itself as a benchmark in its field of activity. How to take advantage of led wall in events.

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Tips for using LED displays at events

Events are always looking for the opportunity to innovate and bring new experiences to attendees. However: this avant-garde vocation must also be reflected in the technology and the advertising screens used, showing that the organization is committed to the latest trends in digital signage. Hence the importance of having a state-of-the-art LED wall for events.

This resource offers endless possibilities. One of them is to advertise products and services through advertising videos broadcast on outdoor and indoor LED screens. In the current context, in which outdoor events tend to be prioritized for health reasons, the former can be especially effective. In addition, if you trust Visual Led, you will not have to worry about its durability, since they have anti-rain and anti-vandalism protection, offering an optimal brightness even if they are used in full sun. Take advantage of them to publicize your commercial offer, to launch corporate messages and even to guarantee the return on investment in the appointment (ROI) with the issuance of third-party advertising spaces. How to take advantage of led wall in events.

led wall in event

Don’t stop promoting your company’s image on LED billboards. This technology allows you to impact your target. Encourage participants to remember this experience and enhance brand recall!

As for indoor LED screens, these can be very useful to broadcast your corporate videos, present the news of your catalog or entertain visitors. You can even provide practical and relevant information, such as all that is related to safety and hygiene measures against the spread of the new coronavirus.

On the other hand, LED screens can be a powerful ally to encourage interaction with your audience and gain an online impact. Use them to publicize promotions and discounts. In the same way, they can also serve as a loudspeaker for your actions on social networks and favor engagement with the publications on your profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Let’s not kid ourselves: who doesn’t like to share their attendance at a prominent event? In this way, you will achieve great online notoriety without the need for additional investment and you will increase your voice share on the network (that is, the weight that your brand has in the conversations that are created on the Internet around a specific topic).

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In short, LED screens are the perfect complement to any event while making it an unforgettable experience. Remember that you can use this technology in sporting events, festivals, fairs, or concerts, regardless of the theme.

Do you dare to take advantage of this resource? If so, find out here how to set up a stand at a trade show, fair or exhibition. How to take advantage of led wall in events.

Do you have doubts about your communication strategy, and how to take advantage of LED displays for events? In that case, call us at (+1) (702) 807 6444, send us an e-mail to info@lvledvideowall.com or complete our contact form. We will be happy to advise you and, if you wish, to support you so that you can take your business to the top.

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