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The LED videowall not only represents a novelty in the field of digital trade fair stands but is also a revolution among mobile trade fair walls! The lightweight, modular and cost-efficient video walls can be used individually or as a combination (up to 16 elements next to each other) and thus offer a new dimension in digital trade fair advertising!

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This article interest may you. BENEFITS OF YOUR LED WALL RENTALS

A video wall as an ideal presentation medium

Perfect entertainment or attention-grabbing advertising: an LED video wall makes it possible! The use of moving images on a video wall is guaranteed to make your trade fair stand or stage stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s an advertising clip, a three-dimensional presentation of your product, an explanatory product video or an animated logo – a video wall is always an eye-catcher at any trade fair!

High-resolution LED video walls are a modern and cost-efficient presentation medium because a video wall can be used in many different ways and new content can be added at any time. The control is very simple: the controller of video walls can easily be operated by laymen, no special technical knowledge is necessary to control a LED video wall.

Rent or buy a Led videowall?

The question of whether you should rent or buy a video wall depends on your event planning. Do you only need the video wall for a single event? Then it can make sense to rent a video wall. Are you planning several events or do you have the possibility to use your video wall also for your shop area or for internal presentations? Then it is certainly more cost-effective to decide to buy a video wall.

Setting up a video wall – this is how it works

To set up a video wall, you don’t need specially skilled personnel or a lot of time. All our video walls are designed in such a way that they can be set up almost without tools and in a very short time, even by laymen. The assembly of a video wall is usually done with plug-in systems. These not only ensure easy assembly but also space-saving storage of the individual parts.

Setting up a led videowall – this is how it works

Even easier: the assembly and installation is possible without any previous knowledge with only one or two persons. All you need is a PC. As soon as your video wall is installed, it’s time to press play! A simple push of a button is all it takes and your content is easily transmitted via WIFI, USB, LAN and HDMI without having to edit the videos in advance. Even over multiple modules!

Even easier to transport: With a size of approx. W 60 x H 200 cm, the individual modules are very easy to transport – even in a van! With only 35 kg per element, the modules can be carried by two people.

Even better image quality: sophisticated 3D animations or simple screen displays – with a pixel pitch of 2 mm, 2.5 mm or 3 mm, you can see brilliant, pin-sharp images from a distance of just 3 meters. These are simply transferred to the LED wall via Wlan. By the way: If you need support with the creation of the design, our motion designers are available to you at any time.

Even more flexibility: Not only that the individual modules can be flexibly combined, supplemented and expanded, that the transport is very easy and you can use your Videowall flexibly for trade fairs, point-of-sale or showroom – both indoor and outdoor – you even have the choice: Would you like to buy the LED Videowall or would you rather rent it? Let us advise you now!

Even more individuality: You would like to adapt your Videowall to your individual wishes? No problem, we are happy to realize special sizes or a special custom design for you. Just ask us for your individual Videowall without obligation!

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