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At large events, an LED wall is indispensable in this day and age. With large walls and by means of SMD technologies Full-HD 4K resolutions are feasible to create lasting memories with the visitors of your presentation / your event. LED wall adds value to your presentations and events

LED exhibition walls

Advantages of an LED wall

Thanks to the high resolution and light output, videos and images are effectively presented on your large display. Compared to a classic video wall, which is made up of several displays, an LED wall offers you the following advantages. LED wall adds value to your presentations and events

  • simple, quick installation
  • large and unusual installations possible
  • easy, quick maintenance
  • no time-consuming calibration is necessary
  • high reliability
  • continuous, seamless design
  • unsurpassed image quality
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • very effective

LED wall adds value to your presentations and events

Areas of application for LED walls

It doesn’t matter whether you use an LED wall outdoors or indoors: the wall leaves the viewer with no choice but to look several times. You can play a commercial between viewing results during a sporting event. An LED wall is also perfect for displaying the ratings of participants in competitions in gymnastics, horseback riding, dancing, and other sports.

You can also use an LED wall as an alternative to static stage sets. This results in completely new dimensions. One of the advantages is that the actors can stand directly in front of the LED display without shadows being formed. You can use your LED screen to design the complete stage design, side scenes, or background.

The LED wall is also the ultimate advertising medium. The enormous brightness and brilliant colors attract attention like a magnet. Your advertising is visible from a distance on the large wall. Typical areas of application are exhibition stands, event advertising, and advertising at concerts, sporting events, and shop windows. You can easily implement unusual installations, for example in stairwells of public buildings, with an LED wall. There are no limits to the possible uses of your oversized LED display. LED wall adds value to your presentations and events

LED Wall: Versatile display surfaces

Video walls are mostly used at major events such as sporting events and concerts. In these scenarios, the LED Wall is used to display camera images or graphically displayed information about the event. Increasingly, LED walls are also used for advertising purposes in Germany and for this purpose are installed, for example, in the vicinity of highly frequented inner-city streets or thoroughfares. LED wall adds value to your presentations and events

dijital exhibition stand

LED walls

The latest large-area video walls are currently LED Walls . With a so-called LED Wall, the image is generated from red, green and blue light-emitting diodes. Three LEDs in the colors red, green and blue each represent a pixel. Using a computer, new images can easily be displayed on the display surfaces of the LED Wall.

the necessary viewing distance

The resolution of the video wall depends on the distance between each pixel. The distances of current video walls fall within a range of about 1.5 mm to 25 mm. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. The viewer perceives the spacing of the pixels in relation to the distance from the display surface. In this sense, the millimeter distance between the pixels can be used as the minimum viewing distance of the viewer from the LED wall in meters. Accordingly, a pixel pitch of 1.5 mm would mean a minimum viewing distance of 1.5 m and a pixel pitch of 15 mm would mean a distance of 15 m. Indoors, a rather small pixel distance to the LED wall should therefore be ensured, as most indoor users cannot assume a minimum viewing distance of 15 m, as is the case at major events. LED wall adds value to your presentations and events

assembly and conditions

When installing a particularly large LED wall , it is necessary to involve a structural engineer, since such a display area has a considerable weight for structural issues. It should also be noted that an LED wall generates an electromagnetic field and can therefore interfere with the surrounding radio traffic. When planning the installation of a large LED wall, it must therefore be checked in advance whether these are restricted as structural objects by the regulations of the respective building code or any local statutes. Immission control laws and the requirements of §33 StVO on traffic disruptions should also be included in the planning. LED wall adds value to your presentations and events

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