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Multimedia elements at the exhibition stand. As an exhibitor at a trade fair, you have one goal above all: generate new customers. With an eye-catching and interactively designed trade fair stand, you will usually get more attention from trade fair visitors. Led Video Walls. But how does that work? 

Digitization has also become an increasingly important factor in exhibition halls in recent years. Large multimedia information boards are the ideal eye-catcher for trade fair visitors. Thanks to multimedia offerings that users can use themselves, visitors spend more time at your stand. This not only ensures that your company is remembered by visitors – a well-visited trade fair stand also attracts other interested parties. In this article, we give you tips on how to use multimedia elements at the trade fair stand and which techniques are particularly promising. Let yourself be inspired!

Inspire trade fair visitors – bind customers

At a trade fair, it is important to convince and inspire the visitors of your offer. But even the best product is only half the battle. A good presentation is just as important. Not every product is sold immediately at the exhibition stand. Trade fair visitors often only decide afterward whether they want to buy something or use your service. In order to turn visitors into customers, your company presentation must remain in people’s minds. Monotonous stands with analog information boards full of long company descriptions no longer inspire anyone. Something new, and innovative is needed – something that sets your company apart from the other companies at the fair. Multimedia elements offer you countless design options that will turn your exhibition stand into a magnet for visitors. Multimedia elements at the exhibition stand – inspire customers with technology!

Widely noticeable thanks to digital display technology

In order to get in touch with potential customers at the trade fair, they first have to find your stand. It is therefore important to catch the eyes of visitors and arouse interest in your stand. Luminous colors, moving images and eye-catchers that attract the attention of trade fair visitors help with remote viewing of the trade fair stand. You show them on screens, large monitors, with sound if you like. When designing, think carefully about the image you want to show visitors. So make it clear on large led video screens what the trade fair visitor can expect at your stand. However, do not overload the screens with information, promote your brand, your most popular product or convey an emotion that you want visitors to associate with your stand.

Interactive customer loyalty through multimedia stands

If you have persuaded the visitors to visit your exhibition stand, it is now important to bring your offer closer to potential customers. The use of multimedia elements also supports you here. Visitors can obtain information about your products, services and company values ​​on their own on multimedia stands with touch screens. Design the user interface in a clear, playful way and use conspicuous buttons to encourage users to click through the offer themselves.

The possibilities seem limitless. Present your products in all shapes and colors, allow users to test your software life or offer the opportunity to compare the technical data of different products. Potential customers can use the multimedia stands to familiarize themselves with your product without any time pressure. Multimedia elements at the exhibition stand – inspire customers with technology!

Multimedia elements at the exhibition stand

Virtually inspire with augmented reality

If you want to go one step further, you can use augmented reality as a presentation method. With VR technology, you can create a 360° world for your customers that they can explore for themselves. The advantage: You can present your product from all angles, even if it is not at the exhibition stand itself. This is suitable, for example, for cars, boats, real estate or furnishings. They can also transport emotions during the VR presentation. Augmented Reality appeals to all of the user’s senses. With the right background music and a play of colors and shapes, you can therefore create a positive atmosphere and inspire trust in users, who will continue to associate this with your brand in the future.

Augmented Reality basically triggers a fascination in the users. So you can be sure that many trade fair visitors who are not at all interested in your product at first will visit your stand because they want to try out the VR technology. This gives you the chance to convince more people of yourself. Multimedia elements at the exhibition stand – inspire customers with technology!

Sell ​​digitally and advise effectively with the use of tablets

Equipping your employees on-site with tablets offers a number of advantages. Some information can be presented more clearly through visual support so that the trade fair visitor understands your offer more easily. This can save time and you can advise more customers per day. It is also possible to quickly and easily record your customers’ data using tablets. If the customer does not want to buy directly, but first wants to know more information about the product, after entering his e-mail address he will receive the brochure with just one click or can register for the newsletter. If he wants to buy something directly, this can also be done easily via the tablet. Paper orders, which normally can only be sent to the company headquarters after the end of the exhibition, are sent within a few seconds using a tablet. The customer receives his product earlier, and customer satisfaction increases. Selling via tablet is also very sustainable because you do not use paper.

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More success thanks to the use of multimedia – get help from a professional

The planning and implementation of a trade fair presence can be quite nerve-wracking. Now the technology must also be coordinated, set up, and configured on-site and function smoothly during ongoing operations. Our tip: Get support from experienced stand builders right from the planning phase. They know what goes down well with the customer. Many trade fair construction companies also make the technology available on loan. This saves costs and manpower. During the trade fair, the professionals ensure that the technology and electrical equipment on the stand run smoothly and that there are no failures. This is how your multimedia exhibition stand becomes a business success! Multimedia elements at the exhibition stand – inspire customers with technology!

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