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Nowadays, no one disputes the effectiveness of advertising led video wall, since they are a powerful ally to enhance brand image, advertise products and offers and provide valuable information to potential customers. In any case, the initial investment makes many companies have doubts when it comes to getting one. In these cases, or when the characteristics of the business make it the most cost-friendly option, the best solution is an LED video wall rental. But what are the reasons to rent an LED video wall?

At Visual Led, we are aware that more and more organizations are considering this possibility. Therefore, and thinking about those companies that want to provide this service to third parties, we design our customized LED screens in modules, so they are ideal for quick and easy transport and assembly. They are extremely light -and also very resistant- and can be quickly assembled. No technical knowledge or previous experience is required: just get help from someone else and follow the instructions in the manual that comes with each monitor – it’s that easy!

In what situations is it advisable to rent an LED video wall? We will see below, take note and discover the possibilities if you are a screen rental company or are thinking of renting one!

led walls rental

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Some recent studies conclude that, in a more or less large city, each person receives around 6,000 advertising impacts. And in this ocean of inputs, how can we make our company’s message one of the most remembered? It is no secret that moving images attract much more attention than static ones, and that our memory tends to prioritize what is innovative or different. Therefore, what better solution than to resort to an outdoor LED video wall?

Placing them in a spot with an abundant car or pedestrian traffic can become the best sideboard for a company. And, located right at the entrance of the store or commercial establishment, they can invite potential buyers to come in and take an interest in the items on offer (or others they see inside the store). In this sense, indoor LED video walls can also be very useful.

For freelancers, SMEs and start-ups that cannot afford the initial outlay for an LED video wall, LED video wall rental can be an ideal -and affordable- solution to promote the launch of a product or some discount or special action.

led walls rental

They are ideal for special events

Although online marketing is gaining more and more ground in companies’ advertising strategies, offline events – the ones we have always known- still work perfectly. In fact, not too many years ago, some advertising agencies decided to adopt the strategy of moving their headquarters to cities where their inhabitants had a more social life. Not surprisingly, they were looking for a greater influx of special events, such as store openings, workshops, cooking classes, live product demonstrations, conferences, debates… Although we are spending more and more time in front of our mobile devices, very few are willing to give up their social life.

In this context, LED screen, as well as digital advertising poster displays, can be very effective advertising support. Moreover, thanks to the connectivity provided by smartphones, tablets or smartwatches, the attendees themselves will spontaneously echo the event through their social profiles, without this entailing an additional cost for the company. Do not forget to broadcast the hashtags with which you want to publicize the event on the screen! Also, keep in mind that this is always the type of advertising that gives the best results: the one the company has not paid for. One more reason to rent an LED video wall.

led video wall rental
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An essential tool for fairs and congresses

Taking part in exhibitions, congresses and sectorial fairs is a must for those companies that want to be at the forefront of their field of activity, or wish to develop effective networking with other professionals in the business or, simply, to give notoriety to the company in front of other competitors and the attending public. To be present in these appointments, you need resources, hours of assembly your stand … and, of course, rent an LED video wall.

With these professional televisions, you will be able to broadcast corporate videos, show the products, provide the company’s contact details, etc., always with optimum image quality. While this may seem a mere whim, we assure you that it is not. Any action of the company affects its brand image, so a screen that does not emit a clear image will not only not arouse interest, but will negatively impact on branding, as the user will perceive that the quality of corporate communication is not up to standards (which, in the eyes of others, could be extended to commercial activity and the catalog of products and services).

led video wall rental

A must for concerts and sports events

Sponsorship is one of the marketing actions that most contribute to enhancing the company’s brand image, especially with regard to corporate social responsibility. This is why many companies take part, either economically or by getting involved in their organization, in the implementation of sports events or open-air shows, such as concerts.

Giant LED screen rentals are an unbeatable resource in these cases. In addition to providing perfect visibility in all lighting conditions – the brightness is optimal even in direct sunlight – in the case of matches, they can also act as video scoreboards. But that’s not all: if advertising from other companies is included, the ads can be a source of income that helps to recover the investment.

There is no need to remember that, due to the COVID-19 episode, outdoor events are the safest for people’s health, so these are the ones that will be prioritized in the coming months, ahead of those that take place in closed spaces.

After reading these recommendations, are you thinking of including in your business a rental service of LED screens for events? Or maybe, instead of rent an LED video wall, you would prefer to have your own professional custom monitor? Whatever your situation is, do not hesitate to call us at the phone number (+1) (702) 807 6444 , send us an e-mail to or fill out our contact form. Our experts in advertising screens since 2003 will solve all your questions and guide you to find the right solution for your business, without any commitment to purchase. As always, we will be happy to help you. Rent an LED video wall Las Vegas

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