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We assume that you calculate like most trade fair exhibitors. You invest around 39% of your annual marketing budget in these business events. Screens at the exhibition stand. Therefore, you are looking for a reasonable rate of return. It should therefore be a perfectly reasonable idea to make the exhibition stand as attractive as possible in order to achieve the goals that have been set. But are monitors the right choice?

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of monitors at your booth.

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Ideal for exhibition

Monitors are great for many reasons. Showing videos is a good option to attract visitors to the booth. Monitors capture visitors’ attention – provided, of course, that the content is relevant.

Monitors also make a good temporary alternative to staff. If your stand is overcrowded and you just don’t have time to attend to everyone, a video can encourage visitors to wait rather than leave your booth construction.

Still, there are some serious concerns about going down this route.

Difficult to manage

Setting up a TV sounds like a simple task at first. Nevertheless, it can develop into a complex task that you have to carry out at your exhibition stand!

First, the exhibition stand design must find a place to install the screen. If you can’t hang it on a wall, you need to find a place where it’s placed stable enough and won’t be damaged if a visitor is careless. In addition, this trade fair stand idea requires electrical connections.

Once those issues are resolved, the real fun begins. You must ask your supplier to provide you with format details. Is the TV set to PAL or NTSC? Does the video have to be in DVD, Bluray, VCD, USB format? Need an additional video player? Should HDMI or VGA be used? Do you need to prepare a laptop to connect it? Should the video be encoded in mpg2, mp4, avi? You just can’t afford to do these things yourself and show up at the show unprepared. If you are unable to realize it yourself, make sure you hire others to do it.

Screens at the exhibition stand

Think BIG

We’re not living in the 90’s anymore and people aren’t impressed by screens anymore. If you still want to use this tool, think BIG. Don’t settle for a tiny screen – visitors are used to HD, they want quality and a dominant image. Try a big screen at the booth that will grab people’s attention – or don’t do it at all. Find a way to integrate the monitor into your exhibition stand. A screen that is simply placed on a shelf has no effect: after all, it is supposed to spread your marketing message.

Pay attention to the sound

A big problem with monitors at trade shows is that you can’t rely on sound. It will be noisy at the booth – and if not, nothing is going on there. So you have to assume that nobody can hear the sound of your video. Ideally, use subtitles and make sure you don’t need sound.

Expensive – so look for alternatives!

Last, but not least, monitors that you book from exhibition stand construction companies are costly.

Renting a used monitor for 3 days is often more expensive than buying a brand-new monitor! Decide early and compare the prices. If you decide to buy a monitor, also think about what you can do with it after the show.

Screens at the exhibition stand. Conclusion

There is no blanket answer to this question. The plan could work if you have video footage that doesn’t require sound but still grabs viewers’ attention and the budget to invest in a big screen. Don’t take this decision lightly!

Don’t take this decision lightly: the impact could be bigger than expected!

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