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The 17 unwritten rules at trade fairs. Almost everyone knows them, hardly anyone talks about them and yet they determine how we behave: unwritten rules. 

They determine our own behavior and our expectations of others. And they are mostly based on experience and common sense.

For example, there is the high heels rule: the taller a woman is, the lower heels she will choose on a date. Or the borrowing rule: if you borrow something three times, you can also buy it yourself. And you may have heard of the swipe rule: if someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe left or right.

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Would you like to know which unwritten rules apply at trade fairs? Here they come:

1 . The more words you put on your booth, the fewer people will read them.

2 . The more visitors are already at your stand, the more people will be interested in your stand(see also the blog article “Are LED exhibition walls the trend of 2022?”)

3 . The person who complains the most about the benefits of attending a trade show is usually also the one who knows the least about it (or contributes the least to its success).

4 . The more fun the trade fair visitors have at your stand during the trade fair, the better future business relationships will be and the more business you will do after the trade fair.

5 . A stand employee will be all the friendlier and harder the closer his boss is to the stand.

6 . Your best booth workers tend to be the ones who talk the least and listen the most.

7 . The longer a booth crew member extends their breaks, the fewer leads they will receive during the show.

8 . The colors of your exhibition stand are likely to be determined as follows:

  • with your corporate identity colors
  • through the latest design trends
  • by the spouse of the head of the company

9 . The time it takes to prepare for your trade fair participation grows exponentially with the number of decision-makers involved.

10 . The further a trade fair visitor travels, the more attention, and hospitality you should show them.

11 . The nicer the stand crew’s shoes look, the more likely it is that the staff will later complain about aching feet.

12 . The more years you exhibit at the same show, the more returning customers you will be able to welcome to your stand.

13 . The more the tray for your trade show contacts resembles a trash can, the more likely it is that your booth manager will freak out.

14 . The larger the main visual image at your booth, the better visitors will understand your message.

15 . The older your stand design is, the less innovative visitors to your stand will perceive your company.

16 . The more aisle space your stand has, the more opportunities your employees have to get in touch with visitors.

17 . The faster you track your trade show leads, the more sales you’ll make from the trade show.

So now you know the unwritten trade fair rules and can take them into account when you next take part in a trade fair – like an experienced trade fair professional!

Do you have a trade fair planned? We are happy to help you with a successful exhibition stand! The 17 unwritten rules at trade fairs

Advantages of Dynamic Lightboxes (compared to ordinary light walls)

  • Greater attractiveness
  • Many creative effects are possible
  • Innovative
  • Movement attracts attention

Disadvantages of Dynamic Lightboxes:

  • Higher price
  • Content creation (lighting plan) by professionals required
  • Longer delivery time due to content creation
  • Relatively new technology – not yet a standard product

Our participation in the trade fair was a great success, in which the Dynamic Lightboxes certainly played a decisive role.

Have you also planned a trade fair where you would like to attract more attention? Then Dynamic Lightboxes might also be suitable for your exhibition stand. For more information, please contact one of our stand consultants! The 17 unwritten rules at trade fairs

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