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12 October 2022

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Strolling through any city in the world, you may have noticed the many images displayed along the way. Which ones caught your eye the most? Moving images, bright signs, and, in short, those elements that stand out from the rest. So you might be wondering what types of outdoor LED screens are available. Are you generally interested in the world of advertising posters? Are you currently thinking about the best way to advertise your business outdoors? Visual Led, a leader in this field, wants to tell you everything you need to know about this topic. Don’t miss it!

Las Vegas Led Video Wall Rental

This article interest may you. What are the usage areas and applications of LED screens?


In fact, while there are many different places to place outdoor LED billboards, the most common places to find them are on the roofs of centrally located buildings. This is a good opportunity for neighboring communities and companies dedicated to  selling advertising space, since  digital LED billboards  allow the highest quality video to be played, which was unthinkable until recently

The great profitability of this type of LED display is also thanks to the incredible visibility that this type of space offers since many advertisers choose this format to promote their products or services. In some cases, they are even the same companies that use billboards for advertising.

Like the vast majority of outdoor LED displays, this type of screen is prepared to work 24 hours a day thanks to a system that ensures that weather conditions do not affect visibility. Consequently, regardless of climate changes, the lifespan of the screen can be very long.

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Another star of outdoor advertising is this type of street furniture, which is usually seen on marquees or on the street. In the digital version is the  LED neon sign able to reproduce high-resolution images thanks to the integration of reduced pixels, which allows good visibility at short distances. One of the biggest advantages over billboards and large LED screens is the proximity to the passer-by and the length of time the person is exposed to the advertisement, as they are usually placed in spaces where the potential customer will actually be waiting for a while. These types of outdoor LED displays are very useful for various types of advertising, although the sectors that use them the most are leisure and hospitality or other businesses.

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Businesses can also benefit from the use of LED banners in this new era of digital advertising. Previously, this type of signage could only display a static image and a trading name and was usually placed at a certain height on a company’s facade. Nowadays, they have a lot more uses: in shops, advertising banners are very popular and are a great way to advertise your company to make it visible. In addition, due to its versatility, you can display interesting information for the user, such as time or temperature. Specialized companies such as  Lv Led Video Wall not only help you with the installation and management but also make it easier for you to design the desired content if you wish.

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A variant of the previous advertising banners is the company sign, which is an essential element in any retail store. Signs and notice boards used to be used as simple posters that adorned the facade and displayed the name of the store. Nowadays these can be much more dynamic. LED Advertising Signs & LED Billboards allow you to play videos, create animations and even highlight the best products that customers will find inside the store. In fact, the possibility of adding moving content also attracts the attention of passers-by. Because this system consumes 80% less than the classic neon or fluorescent tube, this is done efficiently and with minimal energy consumption. But that’s not all: thanks to the brightness control system, the signs will be visible even on the sunniest days.

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Digital signage panels are an ideal means for cities and communities to promote good communication with citizens in a sustainable way. Ideal for complementing street furniture such as street lamps, they can be used to create dynamic cues to key tourist attractions and even convey information of general interest. Similarly,  LED information screens can also help promote local brands. In addition to being able to play the news in video format, they can bring a safe economic return. In addition, both types of outdoor LED screens are protected with a vandal-proof system, so they will not suffer any damage or degradation.

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How many types of LED screens are there?2022-09-20T10:20:20-04:00

Outdoor LED displays are a popular medium for carrying commercial advertisements and various types of information for the public. They provide high visibility and can be used in buildings, stacks, shop windows, etc. They can be easily fixed to different types of structures such as

Indoor and outdoor displays: The required screen brightness for indoor environments is medium. This type of screen has a wide viewing angle as it will be seen up close. They are also lightweight and have high density. For outdoor displays, the dot density is relatively sparse and the brightness requirements differ as viewing conditions vary during day and night. Also, these screens need to be seen from a much greater distance. Showcase, wind, rain, lightning, etc. must be able to withstand environmental conditions.

Semi-outdoor displays (placed in a mix of outdoor and indoor environments) have ultra-high brightness and can be used in direct, though not direct, sunlight. In this case, the screen body is sealed and is usually installed under the eaves of a building or in a window.

Displays consist of one color, two primary colors and three primary colors: Monochrome displays depend on the lighting material, the single most commonly used color is red, and in some special cases yellow and green. Dual primary color LED displays to consist of red and green LEDs. Displays with three primary colors offer red, blue and green LEDs. These can display white balance and 16,777,216 colors.

Synchronous and asynchronous displays: Synchronization is the operating mode of an LED display, similar to a computer monitor. It can display many grayscale colors, achieving the effect needed in multimedia advertising.

In the case of synchronization, an LED display can store and automatically play characters and non-grayscale images. Images are edited on the computer and transmitted to an LED display (automatically played) via a serial interface or other network interfaces. It generally cannot display many grayscale colors and is mostly used for displaying characters.

What is the rent of LED screen?2022-09-20T10:14:10-04:00

A good way to estimate the rental price of any display is between $40 and $70 per square foot of screen space.

What is an active LED video wall?2022-09-20T10:21:19-04:00

LED video walls are in the limelight these days and are very useful in most industries. They tend to improve company-customer interaction. Thanks to the use of active LED display, there are countless possibilities and marketing possibilities in this age of creative business. A screen wall is a specific multi-monitor arrangement. It consists of several computer screens, video projectors, which overlap to form a single wide frame.

LCD panels, direct-view LED arrays, blended projector boards, Laser Phosphor Projections, and rear projection cubes are common display technologies. Screens built primarily for use in video walls normally have thin bezels to reduce the distance between active viewports. They are installed with long-term serviceability in mind. These screens also provide the necessary hardware to stack similar screens with daisy-chain power connections and to order signals between screens.

How do video walls work?2022-09-20T10:21:57-04:00

A video wall is a collection of screens aligned so that content can be displayed on screens continuously. Video walls work by using a specific type of hardware setup to display content seamlessly. This also requires software to help plan and structure the content.


What about those who don’t want fixed types of outdoor LED displays? For these occasions, a rental LED display is the best choice. This type of product is characterized by being easy to assemble and lighter. In addition, they are designed for safe and efficient transport. Usually, this type of product is used for events and lectures at fairs and conferences where the required screen is placed outdoors due to a lack of space in the facility. They are also used to broadcast sporting events, such as a football final, or for concerts and music festivals.

Now that you know more about the different types of outdoor LED displays, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. With lv led video wall as a company specializing in the field of LED displays, you will find a team of technical consultants to guide you through the entire manufacturing process of your LED screen.

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