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Videowall screen rental for trade fairs. A need for many companies that are returning spaces at trade fairs. About this you hear Lv Led Video Wall.

Lv Led Video Wall has always provided installation and consulting for all companies that want to return to be seen in the exhibition spaces with innovative tools capable of capturing attention. Rental of videowall or ledwall screens for all your needs with a rich assortment of multi-brand products.

Big screens are among the tools that Lv Led Video Wall makes available for this purpose, both for rental and for sale. A ledwall is a large screen with multicolor LEDs that allow the reproduction of videos and images via computer or even Usb key.

The choice of the right product for you depends on many factors, starting from the type of location (outdoors or indoors) for which you rent a ledwall or large screen video wall, and more generally from the brightness of the environment and other factors.

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Videowall screens for trade fairs. How does the service work?

How does it work? After you’ve contacted us, we’ll ask you a series of questions to understand the basic requirements of your request for an exhibition video wall or led wall rental. Together we will try to understand which solution to adopt according to your space and what kind of messages you want to convey at the fair. With a thin, very thin or ultra-thin edge to ensure maximum visibility and effect.

We will also analyse the location of your stand to provide you with the led wall screen that will best capture your attention or that can be seen and… heard. That’s right, if your need is also to run movies or tutorials we study together also an effective audio broadcasting system. Lv Led Video Wall media service in this sense guarantees an experience of 25 years, you can trust: take a look at what we propose.

led video wall rental Videowall screen rental

Prices for the videowall screen rental for trade fairs

The rental prices are clearly variable depending on where the product is rented (for example, rental for ledwall or maxi-screen Bologna or rental for ledwall in Rome) because the transport costs are affected. A further element is the need for special installations and technical support. Contact LV Led Video Wall for a quick quote. We will support you at every stage: from the inspection to remote management.

The range of ledwalls and video walls that we provide you stand out for quality and modularity. They are very light products and you do not have to worry about the installation of ledwall because in our led screens rental service is included the disassembly at the end of the event. Clear prices and quote in 24h.

We listen to your needs and provide you with tools to tell, engage, amaze. Take a look at our portfolio to see all the companies we have served in recent years.

Since 2015, LV Led Video Wall has been providing products and services to make your presence unique at trade shows, conferences, workshops and shopping centers. We offer, among other things, video services and multimedia installations that use touch interfaces, multitouch, 3D, videomapping and are optimized to make a unique experience of visiting, buying or learning in shops, trade fairs, museums, concept stores, etc..

More specifically, we perform 3D reconstructions of environments and structures, we use multiple and synchronized SD and HD video projections, front and rear projection screens, holographic screens, CRT plasma LCD LED monitors up to 75″, cutting-edge audio systems to ensure the best experience for the user.

If in conclusion you are looking to rent a ledwall or a maxi-screen videowall for trade shows in Bologna, Milan or wherever your business is taking you, contact LV Led Video Wall .

We work, during the design phase, in close contact with the marketing offices or the Agency, to develop audio-video and interactive installations that satisfy the customer and promise “Wow effects” that make the experience lasting in the memory.


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