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How to reproduce a large amount of visual information from different sources to the audience? A video wall, formed according to a modular principle, in the form of a single screen of LCD panels, will help to accomplish this task. The leader in the field of creating seamless panels, the South Korean brand Orion, is engaged in the production of unique equipment. Video wall functionality.

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Areas of application of seamless monitors

Orion panel video walls are used in conference rooms, control rooms and control centers. The modular screen will be an excellent solution for business conferences, and in the meeting room you can install it as the main monitor.
The image on the seamless video wall is visible to everyone present at any point:

  • mall,
  • station and airport buildings,
  • exhibition hall,
  • TV studios
  • office and other premises where you need to display a large amount of visual information.

In the manufacturer’s extensive catalog, there are also budget options for video walls made on the basis of liquid crystal modules. The ease of installation of these models is combined with a high-quality image.

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How does the system work?

Users have found many advantages of this technique:
the required number of modules is used depending on the characteristics of the video material,

  • powerful modules are configured automatically,
  • the image without loss of quality is fully viewed from any point of the site,
  • dynamic and static whole picture with clear and stable color reproduction is possible in any light conditions,
  • the image can be split into several screens or displayed in one piece, thanks to the built-in video processor,
  • economical consumption of electricity,
  • easy installation on site
  • equipment is made in a stylish design.
  • Video wall functionality

The manufacturer offers mounting elements and conductors for connecting to various interfaces and control controllers with remote control as a set of video panels.




Do we need LED screens in today’s world? Of course! They entered our lives not so long ago, but have already filled the space everywhere. For what purpose should they be used? Let’s try to figure it out.

Equipment Application

Screens you can see on the streets in crowded places. Such billboards are located in squares, along roads and streets. Large screen areas allow you to see them far away, attracting huge attention of target consumers to a product or service. That is why business loves them so much. Studies have shown that buying an outdoor LED screen is sometimes even more profitable than buying advertising on television.

But LED screens are suitable not only for street promotion of brands. No spectacular event is complete without them. Screen rentals are used to provide viewers with a large view of what is happening on stage. Performing groups, individual musicians, entertainers, master classes, sports competitions, show programs, corporate parties – all this will become much more dynamic and effective with projection on a large screen. In addition, the announcement of subsequent events of the organizers, as well as presentations of partners, can also be here.

Rent at an affordable price

If you are planning to hold a one-time party or carry out several projects using screens, then the most economical solution would be to rent them. They can be used in both spacious and fairly compact rooms. The housing of the outdoor screen has an excellent ventilation system, it is reliably protected from dust and moisture. This degree of protection is optimal for its safe use.

The screens have a good resolution, which makes it possible to display bright detailed images on the screen. Our specialists will bring, install, hold events at any time convenient for you. You can order on our website. The parameters and cost of rent are discussed with our manager, who will answer all your questions. Contact us, you won’t regret it! Video wall functionality.

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